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get your ass naked in nature.

"Sexy" is so much more than a pose or a look. It's an energy that owns the space and isn't apologizing for it. Indoors, outdoors, nude, or in cozy sweater, there's nothing sexier than being wildly yourself.

I hope

your hair

gets out

of place! 

There is magic that happens when we stop trying to look perfect and just be ourselves.  I don't want to pose you; I want to see you. I want to laugh and play and hoot and holler and dance and maybe even cry because self-love is one of those things with lots of complicated emotions! Really, anything goes except for one thing: apologizing. Yeah, a boudoir session with me is a "sorry"-free zone. Why? Because you can't mess this up! The only thing you have to do is let the real you show up. That's it. 


Self-love is a journey. It's a commitment to show up and love yourself over and over, no matter what. It is HARD WORK. And like all good journeys, it involves quite a bit of getting lost. And yet here you are, looking into getting a boudoir shoot for yourself! I am so stoked for you! I don't know what it took for you to get here, but I'm so glad you made it. 

L E T ' S



I went into my boudoir session feeling like most women, insecure, stuck in a rut, disconnected with my body and sensuality. But Kate instantly put me at ease with her entire process. She starts off with casual conversation (over some bubbles) and finds out what you want to gain from this session. She really has a way of helping you look inside, find your true self, and reconnect with her.


This is more than just making pretty pictures (which she certainly does), it’s about reminding yourself that you are a beautiful, strong, sexy woman and that you should be celebrated!

I left with my confidence intact and some seriously sultry photos. Kate is a pro, yet she knows how to lighten the mood when needed and bring out the best in you.

This is something every woman needs, it is empowering and helps you see yourself as you truly are!

Thank you Kate, for helping me bring my sexy back.

— alaina


I'd love to send you additional info on pricing, packages, what you can expect, and answer any of your specific questions. Just fill out the form and you'll hear from me shortly!